Joel J. Miller

Joel J. Miller is the author of The Revolutionary Paul Revere and vice president of editorial and acquisitions for the Thomas Nelson nonfiction group. Contact him at

Advice From the Original Tea Partiers


In 1773 our forebears expressed their disapproval over Parliament’s taxes by dumping several hundred crates of tea into Boston Harbor instead of paying the duties attached to the import. The more things change.… Modern-day tea partiers are in good company, but they can do more than pick up their protests from our ancestors. They can […]

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Running Fool


As I sit down gingerly to write this, it’s Sunday, just before noon. Yesterday I ran the half-marathon here in Nashville. What was I thinking? I’m now hobbling like an old man. Every part of my lower body hurts. My knees, hamstrings, and other parts and pieces connected by various ligaments and sinews are all […]

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Adam Smith for Dummies


This review appeared in the May 2007 issue of The American Spectator. Click here to subscribe.

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In Defense of Feel-Good Capitalism


Ben & Jerry’s wants to help us “lick global warming.” That was the message of company co-founder Jerry Greenfield at a speech delivered in Toronto last month. It came on the tail of a trip to Britain, where he unveiled Fair Trade products for the UK market and stopped by the company’s second annual Summer […]

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Is Europe Finished?


What does one do with Europe these days? Taxicab drivers strike in Italy, leaving stranded travelers strewn about the place. Poland’s president jilts the leaders of France and Germany before a meeting because a German paper compares him to a potato. Torrents of state-subsidized plonk send tsunamis through European wine markets, while France prosecutes one […]

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Right Kick


By all accounts, the right has done it. We finally kicked the left’s ass. The jury — or, more specifically, the electorate — will render the final verdict late next year. If Bush delivers the head of the Democrat nominee on a platter and manages to keep the House and Senate zoologically elephantine, then the […]

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