Joel Himelfarb

Joel Himelfarb is the assistant editor of the editorial page of The Washington Times.

Sanctuary Laws and Giuliani


There is much to like and admire about Rudy Giuliani — particularly as it relates to his tenure as mayor of New York City. In his recent address to the Conservative Political Action Conference, Giuliani pointed to some of his prominent successes as mayor, including sharp reductions in crime and substantial declines in the welfare […]

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Jimmy Carter’s “Jewish Problem”


Nobody was more surprised than I was by the news that Professor Ken Stein resigned his position at the Carter Center because he could no longer abide the reflexive Israel-bashing and fact-twisting engaged in for decades by former President Jimmy Carter, who has just written a book likening Israel to the former apartheid regime in […]

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Talking to Syria and Iran


As Washington waits breathlessly for luminaries like Jim Baker, Lee Hamilton, Vernon Jordan, Sandra Day O’Connor and the rest of the Iraq Study Group to tell us what to do about Iraq, it’s past time to knock down a myth that appears to be driving the panel’s deliberations: the notion that the Bush administration’s refusal […]

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Blue Republicans


The Republican Party faces one of its most difficult tests in Maryland this year even though the GOP statewide ticket is easily the strongest it has been in 40 years. Four years ago, Rep. Robert Ehrlich was elected governor, becoming the first Republican elected to the post since Baltimore County Executive Spiro Agnew, running as […]

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