Jerry Carter

Clinton By the Book


Making lists is one of our culture’s great passions. So it should surprise no one that along to feed that addiction now comes the nation’s Indulger-in-Chief. Bill Clinton, ignoring the notion that former presidents are supposed to yield the spotlight, has just splashed across the news pages by issuing a list of his 21 favorite […]

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The Crazy Congressman


Jim Traficant wants us to think he’s crazy. Throughout his recent trial for bribery, tax evasion, and racketeering, as well as during more recent congressional proceedings to expel him from the House of Representatives, Traficant has acted as if he’s slightly off his rocker. Check out this Washington Post account of his hearing before a […]

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Meet Philip Anschutz


Soccer has long been viewed suspiciously by conservatives. Stephen Moore penned a philippic about the Beautiful Game in National Review right before the World Cup four years ago, labeling it “the Marxist concept of the labor theory of value applied to sports.” A friend of mine who holds a high position at the Manhattan Institute […]

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