Jeff Fulcher

Jeff Fulcher writes from Northern Virginia.

Flight Risk


The odds weren’t fair. They rarely are when it’s six on one, with the bigger team enjoying home-field advantage in a windowless, concrete room. Last March 29, Steve Bierfeldt was surrounded by TSA agents and police in the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. He had just spent a long weekend shaking hands and schmoozing sponsors at […]

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Of Faith and Film


It had all the trappings of a made-for-TV movie: a former sitcom star in the leading role, a Hallmarkian sentimentality, and a direct-to-DVD budget. It’s the kind of project studio execs pass on. They did, yet Fireproof raked in the money. Fireproof is the third, and most profitable, film produced by the Sherwood Baptist Church […]

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