Jay Currie

Jay Currie writes from Galiano Island, British Columbia.



The skeptics scoffed, the Securities Exchange Commission had a fit, and the company had to halve the number of shares of the initial public offering to set a price that valued the company at roughly 120 times earnings, extravagant even by dot.com era standards. By the end of the day, Google had raised $1.7 billion […]

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“I am not a bigot but we have to face facts. Working on my readers’ behalf I have come up with a carefully researched list of the four most influential foreign policy advisers to President Bush. What they share in common is the belief the U.S. has the right to protect itself from its enemies. […]

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Sullivan’s Troubles


The very, very busy Andrew Sullivan (über blogger, gay Time Tory, etc.) is in a funk about President Bush. He thinks the president “is in the Rove-Cheney cocoon right now,” which is keeping Bush from recognizing the obvious: His coalition is falling apart. According to Sullivan’s analysis, the president’s de facto amnesty proposal has misfired, […]

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The Children’s Hour


As Republican pundits from Bill Kristol to Andrew Sullivan try to muffle their glee at the prospect of Dr. Dean as the Democratic nominee, cool heads of the Democratic Party have long since made the following political calculation: Proposition the first: Barring catastrophe, there is not the slightest chance of beating Bush in 2004. The […]

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