Jason Emerson

Jason Emerson is the author of Lincoln the Inventor, The Madness of Mary Todd Lincoln, and a forthcoming biography of Robert Todd Lincoln.

Two Historical Giants at War


It is fair to say that two of the greatest wartime leaders in Western history are Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill. They lived in different eras, fought different types of wars for national survival, and came from antithetical backgrounds, educations, and experiences; yet as war leaders they shared the common traits of integrity, perseverance, and grit; they knew how to lead by both physical and rhetorical example and were willing to sacrifice everything — even their lives — in the cause of freedom.

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Magisterial and Indispensable


Washington: A LifeBy Ron Chernow (The Penguin Press, 904 pages, $40) At the end of the Revolutionary War, as General George Washington traveled to Annapolis, Maryland, to resign his military commission and enter into retirement, the Pennsylvania assembly commissioned a portrait of the victorious continental leader. The chosen artist, Charles Willson Peale, exchanged letters about […]

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Their Finest Hour


Rendezvous with Destiny: Ronald Reagan and the Campaign That Changed America By Craig Shirley (ISI Books, 740 pages, $30) The landslide outcome of the 1980 presidential election now seems a foregone conclusion. With double-digit inflation and interest rates, high taxes, a loss of international prestige, and the indignity of American hostages in Iran, President Jimmy […]

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Lincoln’s Decisive Switch


Lincoln at Peoria: The Turning Point By Lewis E. Lehrman (Stackpole Books, 412 pages, $29.95)     The first Lincoln-Douglas debates. The turning point. The political catalyst. The Peoria speech. These are some of the terms used to describe Abraham Lincoln’s return to politics in 1854 after a five-year hiatus. It was a seminal turning […]

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