Jane S. Shaw

Jane S. Shaw (think@heartland.org) is higher education editor of The Heartland Institute’s School Reform News and chair of the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.

How One State Is Fixing Higher Education


Most efforts to reform state universities have ended in failure. Texas regent Wallace Hall was almost impeached when he tried to investigate political clout used to get favored students into the University of Texas. An innovative voucher plan in Colorado was quashed by political forces. The governing board of the University of Virginia was forced to reverse course when it carried […]

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How to Fulfill the Promise of Online Education


Many colleges and universities have hired private companies to build and operate their online education programs. Firms such as Academic Programs, 2U, Coursera, the College Network, and Pearson work quietly behind the scenes to convert traditional courses to online formats, recruit students, follow up with students, and even supply courses. They are known as online […]

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A Pall Descends on Our Campuses


On January 18, the Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit against Kellogg Community College, charging it with violating the rights to free speech of two students. One, Michelle Gregoire, had been arrested, checked for weapons, and taken to jail. In September, Gregoire, fellow student Brandon Withers, and two other young people were recruiting for Young […]

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