James Skyles

James Skyles is an attorney and spirits connoisseur living in Chicago.

Foreign Regulators Should Not Be U.S. Competitors’ Secret Weapon


The economy is booming under President Trump. Unemployment is low and the stock market continues to set new record highs. With the administration and lawmakers on Capitol Hill intent on reforming the tax code, America’s businesses should be on a path toward growth. However, economic progress may be deterred by regulatory overreach here and abroad […]

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Thirsty Thursday: Wyoming Whiskey


This week, we’re reviewing Wyoming Whiskey, a craft whiskey that claims to be from the first legal distillery operating in Wyoming since prohibition. Following a trend of craft spirits, the whiskey is made from “all locally sourced ingredients,” including mountain spring water (sourced from the nearby Big Horn Basin). Its mash is corn, wheat and […]

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