James Poulos

James Poulos is a doctoral student at Georgetown and the former Political Editor of Culture11. His writing has been published by The American Conservative, The National Interest, The New Atlantis, Partnership for a Secure America, and The Weekly Standard. In addition to AmSpecBlog, he has blogged at The American Scene, Doublethink, and Postmodern Conservative, which he founded. With degrees in political science and law from Duke and USC, he is currently at work on a dissertation about life after Napoleon. In his spare time he anti-blogs at Pish Tosh.

The House of Liberalism


The Future of Liberalism By Alan Wolfe (Alfred A. Knopf, 335 Pages, $26.95) Alan Wolfe writes poorly about conservatism. The most he can recommend for it is that conservatives admit “the inevitable fact of the state’s existence in modern society” and “consider returning to the ideas” of “America’s greatest conservative,” Alexander Hamilton—or to the Earl […]

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The Scumbag Millionare Economy


Americans have busied themselves lately showing how little a decline in the vice of materialism begets a rise in virtue. Conservatives rediscovered economic austerity amid a fresh embarrassment of histrionic riches. Moderates awoke to the petty opportunism behind Obama’s grand mal liberalism. And Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton set U.S.-Russia relations back a generation — reverting, […]

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Big Girls Don’t Cry


Ain’t there a woman I can sock on the jaw? — David Bowie, “Young Americans” Last week, America greeted the news that hip-pop princess Rihanna was headed for reconciliation with boyfriend Chris Brown. This was the same Chris Brown, for those not keeping track, as the dumb brute who (allegedly) punched in her face like a […]

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Black and White and Red All Over


The body, as well as the head, was fearfully mutilated—the former so much so as scarcely to retain any semblance of humanity. — The Murders in the Rue Morgue Last week, American went ape. It was an ugly display. The sound of inevitability paralyzed legislatures from Washington to Sacramento, but the news was dominated by a […]

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RE: Solzhenitsyn


At Pomocon, Demophilus has more. Tyler Cowen has yet more. Lesbian love here.

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The Obama Coalition


Put Phil and Jim’s critiques together and what do you get? A broad yet extraordinarily fragile coalition of Obama voters — all of whom want at least one kind of substantive, even sweeping change in policy, and all of whom stand to be significantly disappointed. Michael has already beaten this drum — If he wins […]

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Re: House Republicans Ready for Disaster


Apropos of this emergency fourth-rate version of the Contract with America — a Contract with Congress? ugh — Daniel Larison and I join in solidarity with the general irritation expressed by Jim, Paul, and others over Newt’s never-fulfilled promise.

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Status Quo Minus


If you want Hillary Clinton to stay in the competition, you must vote — to borrow a phrase from Ryan Seacrest. Trouble is, she can only muster enough votes to linger in the competition, not to win it. For a while now I’ve been insisting that, contrary to the daily drumbeat coming from the MSM, […]

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Re: Out of Touch?


Jim’s right. Resisting a semiviolent urge to quote Hall and Oates, I’ll add that the big question as far as I’m concerned was thrown into fairly stark relief by Jeb Hensarling at the latest AmSpec Newsmaker Breakfast, who more or less conceded the point when asked whether Congressional Republicans consider the war — whichever, whenever […]

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