James Paul

James Paul is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Commonwealth Foundation who focuses on education policy. His commentary has appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, and National Review Online, among other outlets.

James is a proud graduate of Syracuse University and has experience with several pro-liberty groups in Washington D.C. His intellectual heroes include William F. Buckley Jr., Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell, Kevin Williamson, and Jim Boeheim.

James generally finds professional biographies to be overwrought and self-aggrandizing. He apologizes for subjecting you to one.

Charter Schools Help District Schools


The evidence is clear that charter schools increase academic performance among students they serve. Some wonder, though, about charter schools’ impact on nearby public schools. Is it possible that charters harm their traditional district counterparts? A new study from Temple University answers this question with an emphatic “no.” Dr. Sarah Cordes analyzed public and charter school data from […]

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ESAs Boost Teacher Pay, Create Jobs, and Reduce Poverty


Dozens of states across the country are pursuing education savings accounts, or ESAs. These innovative school choice tools empower parents to customize their child’s education. ESAs are flexible spending accounts controlled by parents and administered by the state and can be spent on a combination of approved educational services. Arizona is home to the nation’s […]

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Child-Centered Education with Education Savings Accounts


National School Choice Week, beginning today, is a celebration of opportunity. Each of the educational options in Pennsylvania—private scholarship programs, charter schools, online education, and the ability to homeschool—empower parents to decide exactly how and where their children will learn, grow, and thrive. Still, there is more work to be done to make a quality, […]

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Education Savings Accounts: A Better Choice


Editor’s Note: With an autistic child, an account like this would have been a lifesaver especially at the elementary school level where a more intensive therapeutic environment would have worked better than the public school. ESA’s are needed especially for parents of special needs children who pay into the system but get little of what […]

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POLL: School Choice Popular With Parents, Teacher’s Unions Not So Much


The public remains supportive of school choice. That’s the upshot of the 10th annual public opinion survey from Education Next, which covers a range of topics including school choice, school spending, personnel policy, testing, and accountability. Here are a few key findings. On the topic of school choice: Tax credit scholarships are the most popular […]

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