James Bovard

The IRS Mess


In hearings last September, senators lashed out at the Internal Revenue Service, IRS agents testified anonymously behind screens, and TV cameras recorded the plight of citizens cruelly abused by the agency. People who take Congress seriously might have thought that the IRS was on the verge of extinction—or at least that the agency had finally […]

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Rise of the Surveillance State


While high-tech breakthroughs make business more productive and life more pleasant, progress also has a dark side. Technology designed for benign purposes can be used for ill ones too. The Clinton administration has led the way, acting as if every new computer and telephone should have a welcome mat for federal wiretappers. A 1998 American […]

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Best $2 Cigar Cutter Ever


MARYLAND — Second city stop on my Terrorism & Tyranny book tour was Portland, home of some of the most vociferous anti-war protests in America. When I arrived at the San Francisco International Airport at 5:45 in the morning, security agents outnumbered the passengers and I sailed through. Kurt Weber, vice president of the Cascade […]

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Thousands Standing Around


MARYLAND — I flew west last week to kick off a tour to hype my new book, Terrorism & Tyranny: Trampling Freedom, Justice, and Peace to Rid the World of Evil. The trip began Wednesday morning with a seemingly endless line at the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) checkpoint at Dulles airport. Cynics have changed the […]

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