James B. Brinton

Thirty years a journalist and writer about high technology, James B. Brinton served as a Naval Officer in the U.S. Navy Special Projects Office’s Ballistic Missile Submarine program. His duties involved communications, intelligence, and support of advanced navigation technology. He still lives near the sea in New England.

Meanwhile, in Israel…


(Updated, March 28, 2:05 p.m.) While the U.S. has been preoccupied with American and European involvement in Libya, Israel has come under fire yet again. According to Thursday’s Jerusalem Post, about a dozen rockets and half a dozen mortar rounds had landed in the southern part of the country. That was round one. By Friday, […]

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A Great White Fleet for the 21st Century


The size of the Japanese disaster makes relief efforts look woefully puny; humanity needs more powerful tools to deliver aid. More quakes will come, some larger, and most nations will need far more help than well-prepared Japan. Since most of the world’s population lives near the shoreline, bringing the required level of aid to bear […]

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