J.R.L. Noland

J.R.L. Noland teaches philosophy in Raleigh, NC. He is the author of Imagination and Critique: Two Rival Versions of Historical Inquiry.

On Being and Remaining a Republic


Hillary Clinton’s answer to moderator Chris Wallace’s opening question at the third Presidential debate has received a lot of attention. As many will know by now, when asked about the sort of Supreme Court justices she might nominate, Clinton said the Court ought to stand up to the wealthy and powerful and “represent all of […]

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Boycotts and Moral Convictions—A Dangerous Double Standard


At the most basic level, commerce is simply a matter of exchange between two parties, both of whom consider the exchange beneficial. It should be uncontroversial to observe that this perceived benefit is often not merely material or financial. Human beings are not simply material utility-maximizers. We are moral beings with higher-order duties, responsibilities, and […]

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