Horace Cooper

Horace Cooper is a legal commentator and was Chief of Staff and Deputy Director of the Voice of America in 2001-2003.

Winners and Losers in the Swamp


For much of the Obama Administration the federal government did as much as it could to limit the use of coal — engaging in so many anti-coal measures the undertaking was colloquially known as the “War on Coal.” From the EPA to the Department of Energy to executive orders, the Obama pressed the coal industry […]

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When the UN Apes Al Sharpton


Among the familiar hucksters who sought to capitalize on the troubles in Ferguson, Missouri, came a new face: Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights and self-styled heir to the non-existent royal houses of Iraq and Syria. “I am deeply concerned,” Prince Zeid said in a press release, about “institutionalized […]

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