Henry Gekonde

Henry Gekonde is a writer living in New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Motorcycle Fetish


In New Hampshire — this little triangle where winter chills linger well beyond April and summers are too short — they begin to emerge at the first hint of the spring warmth to launch yet another season of burning gas and showing off their two-wheeled rumblers. They ride around, helmets optional, on these curiously built […]

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Air Travel: Truce With Irrationality


When you travel from London to Boston by air, as I did recently — during which ordeal I was forced to dump my precious, unopened bottle of wine in a trash bin, and engaged in a childish confrontation in midflight with a middle-aged woman flying with a brood of unruly kids — you expect to […]

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No Shoes for Zimbabwe


It can’t be easy being from Zimbabwe, that unfortunate, landlocked former British colony in Southern Africa that inspires exasperated sighs, endless clichés and colorful superlatives. It’s bad enough that the country has the highest inflation rate in the world, 8,000 percent, as reported recently on BBC radio’s website; that four in five people are said […]

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Language and Immigration


Illegal immigration is a hot topic these days in Virginia and Maryland, and a visit to a Latin-themed diner here can alter one’s perception of the issue. It’s well after three on this Friday afternoon, and the narrow, dark, dingy dining room of this restaurant in a strip mall in Rockville, Maryland , is empty. […]

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