Heather Roscoe

Heather Roscoe writes from Washington state.

Report From Washington-Florida


SEATTLE — By now the nation is dimly aware that Washington state is embroiled in a gubernatorial battle between a family man-real estate agent cum senator and a former attorney general and litigation queen. Although Washingtonians appear most concerned that the rest of the nation will begin referring to the state as the next Florida, […]

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Governor by Litigation


SEATTLE — The last four years of American politics seem to defy explanation; someone wants to recount an election that was supposedly rigged by XYZ political party, so-and-so is suing what’s-his-face, and someone may or may not have stolen funds from somewhere. The Washington state gubernatorial election, which has been dragged through the mud by […]

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The One-Armed Bandit


SEATTLE — Some Pierce County residents were surprised as they listen to their answering machines on April 14. On a pre-recorded message, Bill Hanson, executive director of the Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs (WCPS), told them, “You may soon be approached by anonymous signature gatherers asking you to sign their petitions. Law Enforcement has […]

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Having a Cow


SEATTLE — By now, those of us with televisions have seen the grainy BBC photos of the wobbly legged cow. It’s a pathetic sight to even the most hardened steak lover, a horror story for ranchers everywhere, and, for the average nervous American, a threat to personal health and safety. In the wake of the […]

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Killer Deal


SEATTLE — The first phase of the Gary Ridgway murder case is finished, and then some. Ridgway tentatively agreed to plead guilty to 48 brutal murders on the condition that he will not receive the death penalty for his actions. In exchange for a full confession, he will be sentenced to life in prison without […]

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Kids These Days


Our story thus far: When the district superintendent refused to comply with more than 30 union demands, the teachers of Marysville, Washington, voted to strike on September 1 to protest the new three-year employment contracts. At that time, many parents expressed their support for the union and some students even locked arms with their teachers […]

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That’ll Teach ‘Em


For the children of Marysville, school ought to have started on Tuesday, September 2nd. Something feels inexplicably wrong now, more than a week later, when one drives through the main hub of the city. In much of the state, kids are busy in school learning their ABC’s and how to put condoms on bananas, but […]

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