H. Melville

The Art of Repositioning


David Brooks, the designated conservative on both the New York Times op-ed page and the PBS NewsHour, knows which way the wind blows. “After a while you get sick of the DeLays of the right and the Deans of the left,” he wrote in the Times on Sunday. Unlike other conservative commentators who have been […]

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Re: Iraqi Troops and Police


Mr. Babbin is a very knowledgeable guy, and I am sure he’s right: Iraqi troops are “getting better.” But I think he’s doing a little wishful thinking when he says they’re “respected and accepted by the population.” More accurately, I think, the Shia may respect other Shia, and the Sunnis other Sunnis, and the Kurds […]

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Re: The Speech Thing


The White House said the President’s speech would be be “new” and “informative,” but of course it was not. Intead it was a tedious compendium of cliches, bereft of substance, and proving nothing at all except that the president and those closest to him live in a parallel universe. Our generals told Congress last week […]

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