Greg Blankenship

Greg Blankenship is director of the Illinois Policy Institute in Springfield, Illinois.

The Cost of Doing Business


SPRINGFIELD, Illinois– Last fall, Governor Blagojevich signed his second increase in the statewide mandatory minimum wage in five years. The legislation raised the Illinois minimum wage to $7.50 per hour with an additional hike to $8.50 in 2010. At the time the governor claimed that, “Raising the minimum wage again will make it a little […]

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The Taxing Land of Lincoln


SPRINGFIELD, Ill — If you want to raise taxes…vote Republican. At least in Illinois you do. That frank advice was recently delivered by Mike Lawrence, director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, at a Chicago forum on school funding. Lawrence, responding to a question about school funding reform (Illinois’ euphemism for tax hikes), answered […]

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The Obama Myth


Illinois Senate candidate Barack Obama’s speech last month at the Democratic National Convention was not so much a coming out party as a grand orchestration. Since Obama won the primary in March he has received a remarkable amount of national and international attention. From the New York Times‘ op-ed page to the New Republic‘s, cover […]

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