Granville Sewell

Granville Sewell is professor of mathematics at the University of Texas El Paso, and author of a recent Discovery Institute Press book In the Beginning and Other Essays on Intelligent Design (second edition).


Evolution — More Certain Than Gravity?


Imagine two science teachers. Mr. Smith teaches straight out of the textbook. He expects students simply to memorize and correctly regurgitate. The other, Ms. Jones, supplements her teaching with challenging mainstream material that casts the textbook’s position in a new, more critical light. She asks students to weigh some of the evidence for themselves, like […]

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Ben Carson on Evolution and Intelligent Design


As illustrated by one of the clips shown at the beginning of Bill O’Reilly’s October 12 interview with Ben Carson, Carson’s views on evolution and intelligent design will be a major target for the mainstream press during this presidential campaign, especially if his popularity continues in ascent. (For readers who are not sure what “intelligent […]

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Evolution’s Thermodynamic Failure


In the current debate over “Intelligent Design,” the strongest argument offered by opponents of design is this: we have scientific explanations for most everything else in Nature, what is special about evolution? The layman understands quite well that explaining the appearance of human brains is a very different sort of problem from finding the causes […]

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