Grace-Marie Turner

Grace-Marie Turner is president of the Galen Institute, a non-profit research organization in Alexandria, Virginia focusing on free-market solutions to health reform (

Obamacare as Permanent Welfare


President Reagan gauged the success of a welfare program by how quickly people were able to move off government assistance and into remunerative work. Yet President Obama, the White House, and their allies are measuring the success of Obamacare by how many people can be enrolled in their new government entitlement programs. The president celebrated […]

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Romney’s Best Defense: The Truth About Romneycare


Even though Mitt Romney has had a string of primary wins, support for his presidential bid still is tepid among Republican voters nervous about Romneycare. He could calm them if he were to more fully explain the difference between his vision for reform and the law that ultimately was enacted in Massachusetts. Gov. Romney gets […]

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Mitt Romney’s Achilles’ Heel


Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s narrow win in the Iowa caucuses and his lead in the New Hampshire primary could catapult him to the GOP presidential nomination, but if he is to have any hope of gaining favor with conservative voters to get elected in November, he must escape the chains of Romneycare. Romney has […]

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Obama’s Strategy of Silence


The White House is quietly implementing a shrewd new strategy of silence on Obamacare. Its goal: making sure the revolt against the unpopular health care overhaul that swept Republicans into power across the country in November 2010 isn’t repeated in 2012. After two years of nonstop focus on health care, the president has stopped talking […]

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Jagged Little Pills


Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama both declared recently that they’d rethink their support for foreign drug importation, largely because of repeated scares about contaminated drug supplies. That’s an encouraging development. The U.S. currently bans bulk drug imports, but if that ban were lifted, millions of unsuspecting patients could find themselves with dangerous counterfeit drugs […]

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Devilish Details


Labor unions and business leaders rarely see eye-to-eye. But these normally disparate groups recently teamed up to urge action on health reform. If their venture succeeds, the business community likely will remember the move as a serious political miscalculation. Four groups have joined together in a campaign called “Divided We Fail” to show that employers, […]

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