Gilbert Ross, M.D.

Gilbert Ross M.D., is acting president and executive and medical director of the American Council on Science and Health.

The ‘Public Health’ Cabal’s War on E-Cigarettes


Ever since the abominable Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, giving oversight over tobacco to the FDA, was passed in 2009, I and many of my colleagues in public health have watched in disbelief and horror as the crusade against e-cigarettes swung into high gear. It seemed for a moment as though the Golden […]

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The Deadly Crusade Against E-Cigarettes


Today is “The Great American Smokeout” — an appropriate day to take a moment to spare a thought for the 44 million Americans in the grip of a deadly addiction. Over half of all smokers tried to quit last year, and an estimated 443,000 died from cigarette-related illness. Public health officials made great strides in […]

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The Hijacking of Earth Day


The last weekend in April saw the confluence of Earth Day and World Malaria Day. The very first Earth Day back in 1970 found many of us devoted to saving the world from polluting corporations and their toxic smog. And in fact, over the course of the next two decades or so, major strides were […]

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Free-Riding Lawyers on the Obamacare Bus


This month, President Obama ventured into the lion’s den of healthcare reform. He tried to cajole a reluctant American Medical Association — and the physicians they represent — to accept his push for more government-provided medical service. What he did not do, though, was offer to remove the largest thorn in physicians’ paw: run-amok malpractice […]

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Jumping Ship From the Rats


We won! That is, the forces of science-based public health policy seem to have won — if not the war, at least a major battle. At long last, federal risk assessors and regulators have come around to the view that administering chemicals to rodents in super-high doses does not reliably predict human risk — of […]

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