Gerald D. Skoning

Gerald D. Skoning is a Chicago lawyer who specializes in labor and employment law.

Ode to Sears, Roebuck & Company: Chicago Icon


I was saddened to read that that Sears Holdings (owner of Sears and Kmart) is on life support and may not survive. That’s what the company itself admitted in its annual report earlier this year in which it bluntly declared there is “substantial doubt” that it will be able to continue operations. Today, industry analysts […]

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Three-Day Weekend for Independence Day? Fuggedaboutit!


You can hear workers beginning to grumble about the 4th of July. Oh, to be sure, most are flag-waving patriots who love celebrating our nation’s birthday with red, white, and blue fireworks and cookouts with brats and hot dogs, washed down with large quantities of adult beverages. Still, you can hear the complaints…. since this year […]

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Think Way Outside the Box to Clean Up Illinois’ Fiscal Mess


Springfield lawmakers are crowing in self-congratulations over the passage of the state’s first budget in two years. The budget leaves unpaid a $6 billion stack of bills and does absolutely nothing to address the $130 billion in unfunded pension obligations. Illinois faces the greatest budget crisis in its 200-year history. When Illinois became the 21st […]

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Going Amish? Not Just Yet!


I think I’m on the verge of developing what might be called “Amish syndrome.” Now, don’t jump to conclusions. I’m not about to trade in my beloved Lexus for a horse-and-buggy rig. After all, horses would be much higher maintenance than my reliable old sedan, even with the odometer at 107,000 miles and counting. And, […]

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There Is No Licking in Hockey, Eh?


I love hockey. I have played the game for much of my life at a variety of different levels, prep school, Division I college hockey, and even semi-pro for several years. I have played throughout the United States and played for several years in Canada, in Windsor and Sarnia, Ontario. I have seen the game […]

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Making a Federal Case Out of Eye Drop Dribble?


Eye drop users everywhere have had it happen. Tilt your head back, drip a drop in your eye, and part of that drop always seems to dribble down your cheek. But, what most people see as an annoyance, some prescription drop users lawyers say is grounds for a huge class action lawsuit. Drug companies’ bottles […]

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USS Ford President Trump Norfolk Navy Scandal

Continued Stormy Seas for Navy Brass


The U.S. Navy is facing what has been described as a “disaster of epic proportion” on its newest class aircraft carrier, the USS Ford (CVN 78), a travesty that until now has slipped by largely under the radar. In February, the Navy confirmed that it has major problems with the design and construction of its new […]

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Military Recruiting Slogans: The Navy Sinks $457 Million


With great fanfare the United States Navy has unveiled a new recruiting campaign built around the slogan, “Forged by the Sea.” The Navy paid its PR/advertising consultant Young & Rubicam $457 million to develop the new brand, which took 18 months to think up. Now, that’s a whopping bit of change in the civilian world, […]

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A Remote Start Up From 13 Billion Miles Away


Imagine a sub-zero winter morning. You are worried your car might not start. You turn the ignition key and wait, and wait, and wait. For a total of 19 hours, 35 minutes, you wait to learn that your car has started. That’s the very scenario NASA scientists faced recently with the first U.S. spacecraft to […]

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The Holiday Containment Act


Holiday wreaths being hung in October? Santa Claus making appearances in November? Christmas music before Thanksgiving? Enough! I think we need a new federal law to rein in the expanding duration and outlandish excesses of the Christmas holiday season. Now, critics are sure to point out that our society is the most heavily regulated in the […]

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