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Gerald D. Skoning is a Chicago lawyer who specializes in labor and employment law.

USS Ford President Trump Norfolk Navy Scandal

Continued Stormy Seas for Navy Brass


The U.S. Navy is facing what has been described as a “disaster of epic proportion” on its newest class aircraft carrier, the USS Ford (CVN 78), a travesty that until now has slipped by largely under the radar. In February, the Navy confirmed that it has major problems with the design and construction of its new […]

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Military Recruiting Slogans: The Navy Sinks $457 Million


With great fanfare the United States Navy has unveiled a new recruiting campaign built around the slogan, “Forged by the Sea.” The Navy paid its PR/advertising consultant Young & Rubicam $457 million to develop the new brand, which took 18 months to think up. Now, that’s a whopping bit of change in the civilian world, […]

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A Remote Start Up From 13 Billion Miles Away


Imagine a sub-zero winter morning. You are worried your car might not start. You turn the ignition key and wait, and wait, and wait. For a total of 19 hours, 35 minutes, you wait to learn that your car has started. That’s the very scenario NASA scientists faced recently with the first U.S. spacecraft to […]

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The Holiday Containment Act


Holiday wreaths being hung in October? Santa Claus making appearances in November? Christmas music before Thanksgiving? Enough! I think we need a new federal law to rein in the expanding duration and outlandish excesses of the Christmas holiday season. Now, critics are sure to point out that our society is the most heavily regulated in the […]

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Intergalactic Gold Rush?


Astronomers recently announced that they had seen and heard a pair of neutron stars collide, giving scientists a glimpse of the violent process by which most heavy metals in the universe were created. Neutron stars are the smallest in the universe, with a diameter comparable to the size of a city like Chicago or Atlanta. […]

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Explanations of (Excuses for) Sex Harassment: Are They Relevant in Court?


As the national media spotlight continues to glare on Harvey Weinstein’s arrogant and shameful sexual misconduct (and possible criminal assault) and the “me too” social media campaign demonstrates the grotesque depth of the problem nationwide, a variety of questions swirl around the perplexing complexity of sexual harassment laws. Employment lawyers often are called upon to […]

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Remember the Brutal Air War in Vietnam


Ken Burns’ riveting documentary on the war in Vietnam stirred emotions and brought back haunting memories of a dark slice of our long national nightmare. One aspect of the war that received only passing coverage was the massive air war (largely one-sided) that raged throughout the campaign. During the war over 7 million tons of […]

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Our Compassion Reservoir Severely Tested


Images on the evening news in recent weeks, have been gut-wrenchingly sad. When Hurricane Harvey roared into Texas, flooding much of Houston and surrounding communities, my heart was broken to see refugees huddled in horror in shelters and evacuation centers. Then just days later I was overcome with compassion for those in the path of […]

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Nuclear Launch Protocols on a Hair Trigger


President Trump recently vowed that North Korea’s threats of nuclear war “will be met with fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which the world has never seen before.” In response, North Korea fired back with a threat of its own. The Korean People’s Army claimed in a statement that it was looking into a […]

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U.S. Navy Awash in Tragic and Embarrassing Collisions at Sea


According to a Navy version of gallows humor, “A collision at sea can ruin your whole day.” Well, a corollary to that quip might be, “A series of collisions at sea can sink a fleet admiral’s career.” The commander of the Navy’s Asia-based 7th Fleet was dismissed recently after a series of warship accidents raised […]

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