George Melloan

George Melloan is a former columnist for the Wall Street Journal and author of The Great Money Binge: Spending Our Way to Socialism (Simon & Schuster, 2009). 

America at an Ominous Crossroads


Shattered Consensus: The Rise and Decline of America’s Postwar Political OrderBy James Piereson(Encounter, 389 pages, $27.99)  Authors of history books often design them with a unifying theme, a so-called theory of history. Henry Steele Commager, one of the most ardent promoters of liberal politics in the 20th century, once explained his partisanship by saying, “History […]

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Too Left-Wing to Fail


Bad History: How a False Narrative About the Financial Crisis Led to Dodd-FrankBy Peter J. Wallison(AEI Press, 581 pages, $90) HAD PETER J. WALLISON practiced his trade in the old Soviet Union, he would soon have been dispatched to the Gulag for the crime of telling unflattering truths about government bungling. In the U.S, his […]

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Let’s Return to the Gold Standard


The futile search for El Dorado, the city of gold, is the stuff of legends, among them a sardonic poem by Edgar Allen Poe about a knight who wasted his life in that pursuit. At first glance, the quest for something far more substantial, an international gold monetary standard, might seem equally Quixotic in today’s […]

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How to Clean Up Washington’s Mess


It was a sadder and wiser america that entered the year 2010. Voters had learned that the “messiah” who had ascended to the presidency a year earlier possessed no divine powers. He was merely a Chicago machine politician, and a very inexperienced one at that. But the Obama administration and its left-wing “progressives” were able […]

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