Gary Wolfram

Gary Wolfram is William Simon Professor of Economics and Public Policy at Hillsdale College and former chief of staff to Congressman Nick Smith.

The Road to Legalized Plunder


Why is it that Congressman and Senators will vote for a bill, such as the so-called stimulus package, when they are not sure it will accomplish the intended goal? One might go even further and ask why will they vote for a bill that they know will not accomplish the intended goal? The answer to […]

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Recalling Hayek on Responsibility


About a half century ago Friedrich Hayek, in The Constitution of Liberty, wrote that a free society depends more than any other on people being held responsible for their actions. In a free society individuals act according to their own plan — making their own decision about what they are going to produce, how much […]

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The Highway to Serfdom


This is the fifth installment of “Providing Relief from the Crisis.” Read editor-in-chief R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s introduction here. The current financial crisis has led to unprecedented peacetime government intervention in the national economy. Approximately $8 trillion of government purchases of equity in financial institutions, loan guarantees, and other credit has flowed from various federal […]

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Subsidized Stupidity


As Congress gears up to pass a bill that will reauthorize higher education spending for the next few years, members should shift down to a lower speed and begin to read the signs. In fiscal year 2005, the federal government will spend more than $70 billion on financial aid without clearly knowing what that money […]

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