Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson is the former U.S. senator from Tennessee.

Fred’s Thought of the Day: Gay Marriage Decision Ramifications


The ramifications of the same-sex marriage decision are many whichever way it goes. One could tell that from the comments and questions from the bench on Tuesday. However, the legal principle involved is very straightforward. And in deciding the case, the Court will be making a statement about the Court itself that will be even […]

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Fred’s Thought of the Day: Scooby Driving With Hillary


Hillary may be back in New York and living the “Lincoln Town Car” lifestyle. But let’s hope we have her out campaigning soon in what she calls, a “Scooby” van. As any former child who watched even a modicum of Saturday morning television or a current parent whose child channels surfs or streams knows, the […]

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Nixon, Hillary, and the Tapes: Fred’s Thought of the Day:


During the many talks, conferences and interviews I have participated in over the years about Watergate, one of the questions I’m almost always asked is why Nixon didn’t destroy the tapes. I’ve always replied that his lawyers knew that he would have undoubtedly been charged with obstruction of justice, since the tapes arguably could have […]

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Fred’s Thought of the Day


In order to be successful, the Republican Party is going to need two things: First, for establishment Republicans to understand that Tea Partiers and other conservatives didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to be hell raisers. They are reacting to the fact that, for many years now, through Republican victories and Republican defeats, […]

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A Good Thing


Having exhausted all other possible non-substantive issues in the current campaigns, the Democrats and the main street media are now hyperventilating over anonymous political expenditures by “outside” groups. Unconcerned that three of the top five such spenders are labor unions, they focus on the (totally legal) lack of disclosure of donors to such groups as […]

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Fred Thompson’s Summit Advice


This afternoon, on my radio show, I had a modest proposal for my Republican friends on Capitol Hill, which I’ve fleshed out a little more here: The President is reaching out to Republicans; he says he wants to hear their best ideas on health care, and he wants them to help him get his health […]

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