Francis J. Beckwith

The Case of Ted Haggard


In the tragic case of Pastor Ted Haggard, an ever-expanding number of liberal writers and bloggers are cheerfully celebrating the fall of this man. But it seems to me that if one looks at the life and practice of the great critic of hypocrites, Jesus of Nazareth, who is recognized by most everyone, liberal and […]

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Not All the News Is Fit to Print


During World War II the United States government’s Office of War Information spearheaded a national campaign whose most well-known slogan was “Loose Lips Sink Ships.” The purpose of the campaign was to encourage citizens to not talk to each other about aspects of the war effort that could inadvertently divulge military plans, troop movements, or […]

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Government-Sponsored Theology


WACO — Thanks to a nearly $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), public school teachers, and ordinary citizens, are now able to access online a generally helpful guide to evolutionary theory. Called Understanding Evolution: An Evolution Website for Teachers, it is the result of a collaboration between the National Center for Science Education, […]

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Sects in the City


Here’s a thought. Whenever a liberal offers a moral judgment of a particular work of art, such as a sculpture of the Ten Commandments on public grounds or Mel Gibson’s movie, and requests that the government remove the first and enlightened people boycott and defame the second, this question should pop to mind: What would […]

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