F.H. Buckley

F.H. Buckley is a Foundation Professor at George Mason School of Law and the author of The Way Back: Restoring the Promise of America in an Age of Diminishing Expectations (forthcoming April 2016, Encounter Books).


The New Republican Party


As I write, at one in the morning, it looks as though the Republicans will score a hat trick: the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives. Which means we are poised for an extraordinary revolution in American government, with a 100 days of legislation beginning on January 20 next in which Obamacare will be […]

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Trump Is Going to Win


There’s all this speculation about the election. And it’s all horsefeathers. No one has a clue, because the voting patterns on this one will be entirely different from previous elections. That’s why I’m about to tell you what’s really going to happen. Trump is going to win. But narrowly. That’s when the Dems will send […]

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Guilt by Association?


Now that the polls have tightened, some of the NeverTrumpers are beginning to wonder whether Trump is quite so horrible after all. There are, after all, jobs to given out, should he win. I regard this as entirely amusing, as I’ve been a Trump supporter for more than a year, and I’m not looking for […]

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So How Would the Framers Be Voting?


One of the more profoundly stupid things said about this election is that it would have shocked the Framers of our Constitution. Horsefeathers! Our Framers had far greater experience with the vagaries of human conduct than they’re given credit for, and could see it face to face in the “father” of the Constitution. I am […]

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Our Parnellite Moment


I confess that, before the rise of Donald Trump, I had never expected to see a Republican elected to the White House. What with the attack on traditional American principles in our schools and the illegals whom Clinton would add to the voter rolls, the Democrats would become the country’s natural governing party. Over time, […]

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On the Nastiness of Jonah Goldberg


I’m beginning to think that Jonah Goldberg is a bit of a nasty. First he slimed Trump supporters by suggesting that we’re all racists. Today he has a hit piece up in the L.A. Times that mocks me for saying that Donald Trump is “perfect,” in the American Greatness blog. That’s what I said, but […]

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Kerensky Was a Bum!


If you live in D.C., you probably get the Washington Post, and let me tell you it’s been wild. The editors don’t send it out unless there’s at least a couple of page one stories on the general subject of Donald Trump’s awfulness. It creeps into the Style section, the book reviews, the weather reports. […]

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Scholars for Trump


A new group of 130 scholars and writers for Donald Trump puts the lie to the claim that he doesn’t have any thinkers supporting him. The list includes such people as Bill Bennett, Roger Kimball, George Gilder and Lino Graglia, and can be seen at scholarsandwritersforamerica.org or (slightly more up-to-date) fhbuckley.com. All agreed that: Given our […]

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Plugging ‘The Permission Society’


For a good read, I’d recommend Tim Sandefur’s The Permission Society (Encounter, 2016). Sandefur is a lawyer at Arizona’s Goldwater Institute, and has stepped into Clint Bolick’s shoes as chief litigator on civil liberties issues after Clint was appointed to the Arizona Supreme Court. The book is about the sea change created by the regulatory […]

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The Old Deplorables


When the British Expeditionary Force arrived in France at the beginning of the First World War, the Kaiser called it a contemptible little army. The BEF held the line, however, and taking a perverse pride in the label its members took to calling themselves the “Old Contemptibles.” Something like this has happened, after Hillary Clinton […]

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