Ethan Epstein

Ethan Epstein is an editorial assistant at the Weekly Standard.

Ocean State Anointed


In late December, Rhode Island’s six Republican state representatives (out of a total chamber of 75 members—no, that’s not a typo) announced an intriguing initiative. The state’s house minority leader declared that in the new year, his party would pursue an audacious plan to eliminate the Ocean State’s sales tax, which stands at 7 percent, […]

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Portland Going Nowhere


Last October, Portland, Oregon, played host to an event immodestly called “Rail-Volution.” Portland is widely touted as a public transportation mecca and model “green” city, and more than a thousand public transport enthusiasts descended on this burg of about 580,000 to gush and gawk at the sights. When they weren’t riding demo trips on the […]

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Stamped for Failure


It’s a sunny saturday afternoon in balmy Santa Cruz, California. Commercial stalwarts the Gap, Starbucks, and Borders Books, as well as a handful of locally owned stores and restaurants, are open for business, hoping to lure weekend shoppers with money to spend. Those prospective shoppers, however, are engaged in a somewhat less enjoyable activity: they […]

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