Erin McLaughlin

Erin McLaughlin is a junior at Grove City College and a participant in the Young Writers Program.


War Hero Scott O’Grady Finds Midterm Hope


Republican Congressman Keith Rothfus of Pennsylvania’s 17th congressional district is fighting to keep his seat in the only incumbent vs. incumbent election of the year. Democrat Conor Lamb, aka “Lamb the Sham,” the nickname lovingly bestowed by President Trump, is trying to push Rothfus out. Earlier this year, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court dramatically redrew the […]

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Ted Cruz and the Victims of Communism


In honor of Captive Nations Week, the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation hosted senators and victims of religious persecution on the West Lawn of the Capitol building to address the present abuses of Communism. Senators Ted Cruz and Alan Lowenthal, Pastor David Nguyen Cong Chinh, as well as other victims elucidated the threat. Pastor Chinh spoke […]

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Trump’s Left-Leaning Court Nominee Confirmed


In a 72-25 ruling, the Senate confirmed Trump Court of Appeals nominee Mark Bennett to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court.  Trump nominated Bennett on February 12th and he was confirmed July 9th. The majority of votes in favor (46) were Democrats. Most nay votes were Republican, including Senators Ted Cruz (TX), Tim Scott (SC), and […]

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One to Watch: 2018 PA Primaries, 17th District Edition


The Ocasio-Cortez – Crowley upset may mean nothing, but it could mean everything. The Democrats hope for a big blue wave. The GOPers fear a bloody red massacre. Does the NY race upset portend difficulty in Pennsylvania, for example?  In the 17th district of PA, where two House incumbents, Representative Keith Rothfus and Representative Conor […]

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Google Might Be Able To Figure Out When You Die. Why This and Other Tech Innovations Matter.


Bloomberg just released a piece on how Google is attempting to use personal health data to determine longevity. Perhaps this will be a useful technology, knowing for how much longer a loved one may have to organize their final goodbyes. But perhaps it is also a utilitarian tool for determining if a life is worth […]

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Despite Talk of a Blue Wave, Rand Paul and Nick Freitas Find Hope


Saturday, June 6th  in rural Northern Virginia, former Green Beret and hopeful Virginia U.S. Senate primary candidate Nick Freitas, garnered final support for his campaign before the primaries on Tuesday amidst national concerns for the fading GOP influence. Freitas was introduced by a number of speakers and political figures, not least among which was Senator […]

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Can Donald Trump Pardon… Himself?


Recent statements made by President Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s attorney and ex-NYC mayor, about presidential power have sent the media whirling into a tizzy.  Sunday, Giuliani appeared on “The Week”, positing that President Trump “probably does” have the power to pardon himself, if Robert Mueller ever charges Trump with collusion, obstruction of justice, […]

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Miss America Misses the Point


Striding alongside the #MeToo movement, the Miss America pageant has announced that they are jettisoning the beauty aspect of their pageant and judging girls based on their personalities and hobbies. As ABC News Reports, former Fox News personality and Miss America winner Gretchen Carlson explains that Miss America 2.0 counts on their new modus operandi […]

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