Erik Root

Erik Root, a writer living living in North Carolina, is the author of All Honor to Jefferson?: The Virginia Slavery Debates and the Positive Good Thesis and Sons of the Fathers: The Virginia Slavery Debates of 1831-1832.

Bring Back the AFL


The decline of the National Football League’s (NFL) viewership because of the stultifying aspects of the game as well as the insults of its most ardent fans leads us to consider what Angelo Codevilla noted: “Americans on the Right would have to cease patronizing institutions unfriendly to them, thus leading them to change. More likely, […]

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Trump’s D.C. Hotel: Traditional Architecture at Its Most Elegant


While many in media lament the fact that Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has an occasional vulgar mouth, these shortsighted fifth columnists fail to consider the entire man. There is one aspect of his life that has been decidedly refined, and that is his architectural taste. In fact, Trump is the consummate conservative when it […]

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