Erich Reimer

Erich Reimer is an American entrepreneur and conservative commentator. He has worked in government regulation as well as private industry, and holds a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law and a Bachelor’s from the University of Pennsylvania. His can be followed on Twitter at @ErichReimer.

Congressional Republicans Should Support Entrepreneurs and Risk-Taking in Tax Reform Bill


House Republicans are fast-tracking tax reform and the newest iterations by the Chairman of the tax-writing Committee, Rep. Kevin Brady, (R-Texas) correctly protects the carried interest tax provision, an extremely important financial mechanism for supporting growth and innovation as well as long a boogeyman of left-wing redistributionists. Mr. Brady has proposed the addition of a […]

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One Year After Trump’s Victory, Remembering How We Shook The World


I still remember distinctly the feeling of awe as the election results rolled in on the evening of November 8th. The mood at the Republican watch party I was at in Virginia started off solemn and damper. Despite the long and hard campaign we fought for President Donald Trump and our down-ticket candidates, we all […]

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Repealing the CFPB’s Arbitration Rule a Win for American Consumers


This afternoon President Trump is expected to sign a bill passed by Congress, with Vice-President Michael Pence as the deciding vote, that overrules a July 2017 regulation created by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to forbid mandatory arbitration clauses in contracts relating to financial services products. Despite outcry from some on the left, ranging from […]

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ITC Might Soon Give President Trump Opportunity to Stop Trade Abuses


Last Friday President Trump spoke to the National Association of Manufacturers, proclaiming how his newly-unveiled tax reform plan will restore American industry, bring jobs back to American workers, and end the “era of economic surrender.” President Trump appears to be continuing to attempt to deliver on his oft-repeated campaign promise to rebuild our country’s industrial […]

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Stopping Federal Overreach into Online Gambling


Any resident of the DC-area has undoubtedly seen from afar or been in the new billion-dollar MGM National Harbor Casino. When I see it, I am reminded of how it was only a few decades ago that an overlapping array of state and federal laws essentially restricted gambling to just New Jersey’s Atlantic City on […]

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70-Years After CIA’s Founding, Thanking Our Intelligence Community


This past week the 70th anniversary of the CIA passed without much fanfare, strikingly in-line with the clandestine nature of the agency. However at a time when our intelligence community is facing increasing public scrutiny, distrust, and even hostility, it is worth reflecting on the essential role the CIA has played and still is doing […]

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No Way Tax Reform Should Include an Advertising Tax


Free speech in America has been under significant attack over the past few years, whether it be rioters trying to silence speakers on college campuses they don’t agree with or boycott campaigns against companies that engage in political speech, to name a few of the many and ever-frequent examples. That is why a recent proposal […]

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