Erich Reimer

Erich Reimer is an American entrepreneur and conservative commentator. He has worked in government regulation as well as private industry, and holds a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law and a Bachelor’s from the University of Pennsylvania. His can be followed on Twitter at @ErichReimer.

70-Years After CIA’s Founding, Thanking Our Intelligence Community


This past week the 70th anniversary of the CIA passed without much fanfare, strikingly in-line with the clandestine nature of the agency. However at a time when our intelligence community is facing increasing public scrutiny, distrust, and even hostility, it is worth reflecting on the essential role the CIA has played and still is doing […]

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No Way Tax Reform Should Include an Advertising Tax


Free speech in America has been under significant attack over the past few years, whether it be rioters trying to silence speakers on college campuses they don’t agree with or boycott campaigns against companies that engage in political speech, to name a few of the many and ever-frequent examples. That is why a recent proposal […]

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