Erich Reimer

Erich Reimer is a DC-area policy strategist, entrepreneur, financial commentator, and political columnist. He has worked in various roles in government, finance, tech, politics, and law over the years.

He holds a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law and a Bachelor’s from the University of Pennsylvania. You can visit his website at or follow him on Twitter at @ErichReimer.

In Abandoning Project Maven, Google Put Self Over Country


Earlier this month Google announced it would not be renewing its contract with the U.S. Department of Defense for Project Maven. Caving after thousands of employees signed a petition against the project and after initially standing by it, in doing so Google gave in to putting immediate self-interest above their call to serve the country. […]

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Virginia’s GOP Senate Primary: Voting For Special Forces Veteran Nick Freitas And Respecting Those Who Sacrifice For Our Country


On Tuesday, June the Republican Party in the Commonwealth of Virginia will be selecting their nominee for the United States Senate. Though chances seem dim amid consistent statewide losses over the years despite gargantuan efforts in the polarized and increasingly-blue state, I personally will be voting for Virginia State Delegate and former U.S. Army Special […]

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Reigniting The Meaning Of Citizenship Through National Service


It’s been a long time since a common rite of passage among our nation’s men was to put on a uniform and defend your nation, community, and family. Yet at a time of increasing hyperpolarization in our country, as well as the deteriorating state of our nation’s youth in mind, body, and soul, national military […]

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White House’s Biofuels Reform Protects American Workers And Scatters Speculators


In a major win for American industry, jobs, and our national economy, the Trump White House recently announced that it is modifying a 2007 biofuels-mixing requirement to allow exported fuels to count towards the mandate’s RINs requirements. The compromise was the result of lengthy negotiations between President Trump and Senators Ted Cruz, Charles Grassley, Joni […]

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A Voice For Freedom And The Constitution In D.C.: Congressman Tom Garrett Of Virginia


Normally it is rare for a freshman Congressman to make a big impact in a 435-member House of Representatives where everything is ruled by seniority. The best hope for a new member usually is to slowly build up their kudos with their party’s leadership, be a loyal vote, help fill the war chest, and wait […]

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The Trucking Industry, Regulatory Mishaps, And Self-Governance


Every day on the road we pass by them. Trucks, bearing the logos and cargo of companies in industries ranging from manufacturing to food, consumer goods to raw materials, each day traverse the seemingly endless thousands of miles of road in our nation to fill our stores and homes with their goods. It’s an industry […]

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They Still Don’t Understand – Trump’s Election Was About Restoring Patriotic Governance


It’s a little late among books about the 2016 election but this week I published my short book “A Time Like No Other: One American’s Journey Through The 2016 Election And After.” There’s been an endless series of articles, essays, books, and research about the 2016 election. However I felt even now there’s still been […]

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200 Years Ago, Karl Marx Was Born – And The World Would Soon Suffer For It


Saturday, May 5th this year was the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth in Trier, Germany. On that day in 1818, a philosopher was born whose ideas would soon after prove essential to the historic torment of revolution, international conflicts, totalitarian rule, human suffering, and death that defined the 20th century across much of the […]

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Indiana’s GOP Primaries Get Nasty In Final Days


Indiana’s primary day is May 8th. There are a wide variety of Republicans running for the party’s nomination for offices from the U.S. Senate seat against incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) to its nine House of Representatives seats. Not only are those federal legislative positions up for election, but also the State Senate, State House, […]

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Big Tech’s Quick Flip From Benevolence To Dystopia


Netflix. Amazon. Google. Twitter. Facebook. Apple. It seems like increasingly at least some aspect of our lives is now influenced by these behemoth technology companies that have, in just the last two decades, completely transformed our economy and very way of life. The U.S. population is estimated this year at roughly over 326 million people. […]

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