Eric Heidenreich

Eric Heidenreich is a writer in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Latest Population Bomb


At a recent conference hosted by the Optimum Population Trust (OPT), Jonathon Porritt, a green advisor to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, suggested that the population of the UK must be about 30 million people if the nation is to be sustainable. That’s a problem because the 2007 census estimates the current population to be around […]

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“It’s Not About the Money”


Put the FBI on notice: the “NRDC mafia” is in town. At least that’s how they are described in the New York Times, which identifies seven high-ranking former Natural Resources Defense Council employees who have accepted influential positions working for members of Congress and in the Obama administration. The Times reports that NRDC staffers have […]

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The Economics of Quicksand


In this week’s business news, home re-sales across the country rose 6.5 percent in the face of record drops in home prices. CNN used the word “surprise” to characterize this jump. But the only thing that was a “surprise” is that CNN and other media outlets practically shout that they have no grasp of the […]

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Czarist America


Help Wanted Position: Car Czar Duties: Restructure “Big Three” U.S. automakers Save unionized jobs, American manufacturing, future U.S. competitiveness Repeat the phrase “too big to fail” over and over while appealing to Congress for billions of dollars in taxpayer money Qualifications: Detailed knowledge of congressional preferences essential Must be willing to work without supervision  Detailed […]

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Change We Can’t Believe In


Economists often talk about “revealed preferences.” If Uncle Stu says that he wants to watch his weight but continues to gorge himself like a wild boar, it’s clear that his preference to eat outweighs any desire to drop a few pounds. Similarly, although this election was viewed as a victory for the environmental movement, it […]

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In Praise of PETA


It isn’t often that card-carrying conservatives find anything People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has to say palatable. This, then, is a red-letter day as rightwingers and PETA are in full, er, bear hug mode over the sad case of Jim West, of British Columbia. A bear recently attacked West after he inadvertently […]

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War: What Is It Good For?


The rhetoric from President Bush urging the government’s heavy-handed intervention in the current financial crisis is almost too hot to handle. Hot in the sense that he stole his own words from earlier speeches urging the United States into war with Iraq. The similarities in how Bush justified going to war in Iraq and passing […]

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