Emily Esfahani Smith

Emily Esfahani Smith, an editor at the new conservative blog Ricochet.com, is also managing editor of the Hoover Institution journal Defining Ideas.

A Soft-Spoken Filmmaker for Freedom


A soft-spoken Briton, Antony Thomas is not what you would call a firebrand. Sitting across from me at a Ritz Carlton in Washington, D.C., he has a habit of squeezing his hands together before he speaks. But this 69-year old Emmy award-winning documentary maker is no stranger to political controversy — and even, prison cells. […]

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Virtually Innocent


Several months ago, at the request of Congress, the Federal Trade Commission released a report explaining the risks children face when they play in virtual worlds. Virtual worlds, a quickly expanding market of online playgrounds, combine glitzy three-dimensional environments with social networking. Basically, users can lazily sit behind their computers, but still interact, communicate, and […]

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Mara’s Marathon


Despite her parents’ legal problems, 19-year-old Latasha was elated. From a broken home in D.C., she just got word that she would be employed, for the first time, at Reagan National Airport. Her job: to pick up trash. “I just wish I had more training so I could do more than pick up trash,” she […]

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The Lunatic Fringe


A bottle of champagne is broken to shards and bits against an iron fence on a sidewalk along Washington’s New York Avenue. Told to wait outside in the blinding sun for this, the press stands awkwardly to watch as Fort Fringe is “christened.” This shack, where converses and black-tees are the order of the day, […]

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Going to the Mall


Between now and July 6, this year’s Folklife Festival will be a fine distraction for the hordes of tourists in D.C. Beginning in 1967 with an emphasis on American Indian cultures, these days Folklife introduces audiences to “diverse” and remote cultures. Three cultures, or areas of “folklife,” are highlighted every summer, displayed along tents down […]

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