Elizabeth A. Terrell

Blowhards and Blowholes


Let me preface this little rant by insisting that I love animals. In fact I’ll be working with the Alexandria Animal League over the next few months to improve their web presence to get those adoptions up. I don’t buy unnecessary animal products that will never be used. I eat meat but abstain when I’m […]

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Question Authority


ALEXANDRIA, Va. — You’re pulling out of the office parking lot as usual when a car careens into your fender. Airbags deploy. A crowd gathers. And as the driver’s side bag slowly deflates, you wonder, Did this have to happen? You wonder because there’s no way you or drivers of oncoming cars can see each […]

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Whatever Happened to the Inner Child?


Dave Simon, director of New Mexico State Parks, says, “Kids need more ‘green time’ and less ‘screen time.’” His allies, including the Sierra Club and the Environmental Alliance of New Mexico, aim to make that happen with a plan in the New Mexico legislature called — no joke — No Child Left Inside. The bill […]

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