Eli Lehrer

Reagan on Mt. St. Helens


Last week in The American Spectator, CEI’s Robert Smith criticized the organization I head, the R Street Institute, for celebrating the anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s dedication of the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. Some of Smith’s arguments have merit and aren’t points we’d dispute. However, in the end, he misses the point. Among our […]

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Barney’s Big Idea


A few powerful members of Congress have got it in their heads that it would be a good idea to shake up the municipal bond market. It’s a bad idea, especially at time when most markets are troubled. These bonds — interest bearing notes from state and local governments — tend to pay low, predictable […]

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The Risks of Gambling Regulation


When trade emissaries from the European Union arrive in Washington later this month to talk to officials in Congress, the Justice Department, and other executive branch agencies, they’ll have some difficult questions to ask. In particular, they’ll ask about some gambling laws that rank among some the worst written sections of the United States Code. […]

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Ensuring Disaster


Sometime before Memorial Day, the United States Senate will consider several proposals to put taxpayers on the hook for “national catastrophe insurance” liabilities that could easily top $100 billion. The proposed legislation, intended mostly to reduce soaring homeowners insurance premiums along the Atlantic seaboard, would damage the environment while likely failing to keep consumers’ insurance […]

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No Dice


Anybody who has spent time in Washington knows that Congress often passes bad laws. But even the most widely derided laws — think of 2003’s Medicare drug benefit — end up doing roughly what their authors set out to do. The misbegotten 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), however, won’t even get that far. […]

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