Edward Grossman

Edward Grossman is a longtime contributor to The American Spectator.

Sanders Defends Border Response


Washington President Bernie Sanders has defended the actions of the army and national guard on the U.S.-Mexico border. Speaking to reporters after a ceremony at the White House honoring Scouts BSA, formerly the Boy Scouts of America, he said the “measures taken” were “wholly consistent with international law — and besides, at the end of […]

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The Beatles

HELP! A Story for Now


Yesterday I was visiting my attorney — she’s Yale College, Yale Law, half my age — when #MeToo came up. We talked, and I heard myself reveal something I’d kept to myself more than half a century. Was letting it past the fence of my teeth an unforced error? The story goes back to 1965. […]

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Learning From Israel


Feelings of déjà vu run strong here these days. Once again the experts can’t agree on whether Saddam has toys capable of hitting Israel. Nevertheless, the shelters and hospitals are being prepared and the gas masks have been given out. It reminds you of the last months of 1990 and the first two weeks of 1991, when […]

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