Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray is a British writer and commentator.  He was the director of the Centre for Social Cohesion from 2007 until 2011, and is currently an associate director of the Henry Jackson Society.

The Good Life, Greek Style


Back in the 1980s, pop singer Belinda Carlisle topped the charts singing that heaven was in fact a place on Earth. Prophets are often ahead of their time, and notoriously underappreciated in their own land. But Miss Carlisle ended up being proved right. Heaven is indeed a place on Earth. It is called Greece. It […]

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The Rotting Fruit of Multiculturalism


Can Europe be the same place with different people in it? asks Christopher Caldwell in Reflections on the Revolution in Europe. It took an American to raise an issue few here dare to. The continent is a very different place today from what it was a couple of generations ago. Culturally and demographically it is […]

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