Deirdre Nansen McCloskey

Deirdre Nansen McCloskey taught economics, history, English, and communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The author of seventeen books, and a well known economist and historian, she says of herself, “I’m a literary, quantitative, postmodern, free-market, progressive-Episcopalian, Midwestern woman from Boston who was once a man. Not ‘conservative’! I’m a Christian libertarian.” Her next book, the third of a trilogy on the Bourgeois Era, will be published by the University of Chicago Press, in April 2016: Bourgeois Equality: How Ideas, Not Capital or Institutions, Enriched the World.

Bourgeois Equality for Conservatives


Two or three centuries ago a new and equal economic liberty, with a new and equal social dignity, emboldened ordinary people to have a go. The dual change in ethics, first in Holland and then in the Anglosphere — equal liberty and equal dignity — yielded gigantic innovation. You might call the change “bourgeois equality,” […]

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