David Yerushalmi

Newt’s a Little Too Smart


Good money has it that Newt Gingrich, the former House Speaker chased out of Congress in 1999 by Democrats smelling blood in the waters of the unethical tidal currents always swirling in and around the halls of power in Washington, D.C., is on his way back. Recently, the online version of The American Specator included […]

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What Peaceful Islam?


The Wall Street Journal has begun a momentous retreat. Unfortunately, the editorial writers for that bastion of free market conservatism are just not quite up to admitting it, or put more collegially, they haven’t yet recognized it as such. Thus, in its editorial of February 27, 2006, the editors ask by way of a challenge […]

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Democratically Elected Fascists


Hamas, the Islamic paramilitary organization operating terror networks and religious and social programs in the territories putatively controlled by the Palestinian Authority, is now poised to establish a new governing administration for the PA after a sweeping victory in the first contested Palestinian parliamentary elections since the establishment of the PA. Yassir Arafat’s Fatah party […]

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Jurisprudence, Certainty, and the Alito Hearings


An indication of the corruption of a nation’s political integrity and quite possibly its existence simply is the degree to which its constitutional jurisprudence is relegated to “opinion” or uncertainty. Constitutional law, a republic’s founding and fundamental jurisprudence, is predicated on certainty. This is not the least important, related aspect of our tragic confusion about […]

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The Worst of the Times


Since December 16, 2005, when the New York Times disclosed the existence of the National Security Agency’s secret electronic surveillance program, much has transpired. The most important of which is a Justice Department investigation into the identity of the person or persons who provided this information to the Times. On its editorial pages, the Times […]

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