David Klinghoffer

David Klinghoffer is a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute. His most recent book, with Senator Joe Lieberman, is The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath (Howard Books/Simon & Schuster).

Republicans and Science


In the religious world you will sometimes read articles or hear sermons trying to understand the mindset of unbelievers and lamenting the lure of apostasy. The funny thing is, in entirely secular venues you will also find people worrying about the power of heresy to seduce the unwary from the true path. In the secular […]

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Answering the Dreaded ‘Evolution’ Question


It’s a question every presidential candidate must dread, one that promises to come up repeatedly as the political season advances: “Do you believe in evolution?” Evolution is the speed trap of presidential campaigns. Though a president doesn’t have much influence over state and local science education policy, reporters lie in wait for the unwary candidate, […]

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