David Gutmann

David Gutmann is a professor emeritus of psychology at Northwestern Medical School and a veteran of the Israeli War of Independence in 1948.

Obama’s Muslim Daddies


The Israeli intelligence website DebkaFile has reported that Obama is now seriously considering an attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities. His change of heart is not, according to Debka, prompted by the Israeli Netanyahu — whose nation is most directly threatened by Iranian nukes — but by an ultimatum from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, […]

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Against Gay Marriage


In the current argument over the question of gay marriage, both sides focus on their respective moral and even constitutional claims. But when the battle is pitched on those rather elevated and abstract grounds, the pro-heterosexual factions are at a big disadvantage, drowned out by the gay cohorts, who claim, not without justice, that their […]

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Doing the Elders’ Work


The politics of the decentralized, essentially leaderless Tea-Partiers are hard to pin down. Nevertheless, the Left-wing media has not held back from doing just that: they are judging them to be a quasi-militia of clearly racist, rabble-rousing, not-yet-dead White Males. They are Ku Kluxers without sheets, and Grampas from Hell. Case closed. But the facts […]

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Blue Rage and Red Rage


Frank Rich describes the Republican leadership and Tea Partiers as “goons” hurling “venomous slurs” — including racist epithets and even death threats — at Democratic congressmen who voted for ObamaCare. He takes particular exception to Sarah Palin’s call for a “reload” — as though she were summoning the Tea Party knuckle-walkers to take up firearms. […]

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Why the Palestinians Don’t Want a State


President Barack Obama will soon be entering the lion’s den of Middle East politics with the same conviction that has guided all his predecessors — that the solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict lies in the Two-State Solution, leading to the early establishment of a Palestinian state. The received wisdom has it that the Palestinians wish […]

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