David Allen Martin

David Allen Martin is a columnist who writes from Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Medicaid Expansion Bites the Dust in Tennessee


Over the course of just 48 hours last week, Republican Tennessee governor Bill Haslam watched his two-year flirtation with the Medicaid expansion, made available through the Affordable Care Act, get buried by the state legislature. It was a quick and unceremonious end to what Haslam hoped would be his legacy achievement on health care in […]

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Man of the People


Imagine you’re an incumbent Republican member of Congress in the months leading up to a contested primary election, and Fox News calls to see if you’d be interested in doing an on-air interview to roast the Obama administration’s continued Benghazi sham. Without pause, you’d clear the calendar for a great opportunity for exposure—one your upstart […]

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United Auto Workers: Chattanooga’s Creepy Stalker


Have you ever gone on a couple dates with someone, but then decided it just wasn’t going work out? It’s a tough spot to be in, especially when you know they are totally into you and you have to be the one to call it off. Chattanooga was in that position in February of this […]

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