Daniel McCarthy

Daniel McCarthy is editor of the American Conservative. 

Will the Government Shutdown Hurt the GOP in the Long Term?


Of Mice and Men by Wlady Pleszczynski What Shutdown?” That was going to be my opening line, but without the quotation marks. But now that the Wall Street Journal has asked the question in a headline, credit must be shared, but only up to a point. The Journal was reacting to October job numbers, which […]

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Right to Left


A Conservative History of the American Left by Daniel J. Flynn (Crown Forum, 480 pages, $27.50) Daniel J. Flynn is one of the Right’s rising stars. Still under 40, he has produced three books, each more perspicacious than the last. There are conservative journalists who write for a mass audience and conservative scholars who write […]

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No More Mr. Nice Guy


His ancestry is Transylvanian and one colleague says he has “something of the night about him,” but Michael Howard is not Count Dracula, no matter how much Britain’s frothing tabloids may compare him to the fabled bloodsucker. Howard is a Member of Parliament and the man most likely to become the next leader of the […]

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