Daniel Griswold

Daniel Griswold is director of the Center for Trade Policy Studies at the Cato Institute in Washington.

Trade Charade


In a bid to woo blue-collar voters in Ohio before Tuesday’s presidential primaries, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are locked in a rhetorical race to the bottom to trash free trade and NAFTA. During their February 26 debate in Cleveland, Sen. Clinton denounced the North American Free Trade Agreement as “flawed” and blamed it for […]

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Heed Pence-Hutchison


A group of nine suspected illegal immigrants died and 12 were injured in a car crash while fleeing federal agents on Tuesday, in what has become the latest gruesome reminder of the necessity of immigration reform. The accident occurred in Yuma, Arizona, where only three months earlier President Bush made the case for a comprehensive […]

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Our New Coalition of the Willing


Bolivia’s new president, the socialist coca grower Evo Morales, promised in his inaugural address to turn his country sharply away from the American “neo-liberal” model of private enterprise and expanding trade. The election of Morales at first appears to be yet another sign that Latin Americans are moving en masse to the left, but in […]

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