Daniel DePetris

Daniel DePetris is a fellow at Defense Priorities.

Don’t Send More U.S. Troops Into Syria


Public reports of the Trump administration’s deliberations to develop a new counter-ISIS strategy may alarm many Americans. The Pentagon has not yet arrived at a final set of options to be delivered to the president. Before Secretary Mattis recommends an increase in U.S. troop levels for President Trump’s consideration, however, both men must wrap their […]

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Silver Lining to Boris Johnson’s Kerfuffle


At a recent Med 2 conference in Rome, Boris Johnson, the irascible former Mayor of London and Britain’s new foreign secretary, steered the conversation to what he saw as the root causes of some of the Middle East’s trials and tribulations. Its leaders, Johnson remarked, never seem to miss an opportunity to plunge their people […]

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Three Things Nikki Haley Needs to Keep in Mind


In more ways than one, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations is one of the most important assignments in the diplomatic corps. Despite South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s trade-related forays as the top elected executive official in her state, nothing really compares to being America’s top diplomat in an unwieldy U.N. bureaucracy. Here are […]

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