Daniel DeFonce

Rogue One: Empire of Evil and the Rise of Hope


Alongside the advent of Eastertide and springtime has come the digital, DVD, and Blu-ray release of the highly acclaimed Star Wars spin-off Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (85% Rotten Tomatoes, 3.5/4 Rolling Stone). All in all, an engaging sci-fi tale that is gutsier and grungier than any previous Star Wars flick, and that’s a […]

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Democrats Receive Over 99% of Professorial Support at Elite Liberal Arts Academies


The stats are in, and, man, are they predictable. FEC released a report this month revealing the giving of professors, from the 50 top-rated liberal arts colleges, to current presidential campaigns. As one would aptly surmise, the stereotype of liberal academia proves true. Campaign donations from the professors of these 50 institutions flow overwhelmingly into […]

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Boo! Are You a Xenophobe for Halloween?


Halloween. A time for macabre decorations, apprehensively watching horror flicks with your hands covering your eyes, singing the creepy yet catchy tunes from Tim Burton’s movies, and indulging in overly-sweet treats (and drinks). Even a holy period to reflect on and commemorate the lives of Christian saints and, if you’re so inclined, the Reformation of Christendom. This season is also an unavoidable […]

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UPenn Professor Anthea Butler Tweets Anti-Carson Hate Speech


Apparently, it’s not enough that liberal academicians revise history to support their political agenda and ostracize any student who dares to voice a conservative opinion, then go on to tout these crimes-against-intellect as true social justice. Now we have a progressive professor spewing racist comments, with her most recent directed against presidential hopeful Dr. Ben […]

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