Clifford D. May

Clifford D. May, a former New York Times foreign correspondent, is president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a policy institute focusing on national security. FDD’s unofficial motto: “If we don’t drink, the terrorists win.”

The Whiskey Rebellion And The Bourbon Restoration


I confess: I used to be a whisky snob. I always spelled whisky without the “e” — as they do in Scotland, land of elegant single malts. I was willing to acknowledge that Ireland has begun to distill a few good spirits. Also Japan — hard to believe as that may be for those of […]

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The Spirits of Erin


I first developed a taste for Irish whiskey back in 1978. I was a young foreign correspondent sent to Northern Ireland to cover the Troubles, the civil conflict that broke out in the 1960s and ended, for the most part, in 1998. Covering wars was different back then. Reporters were neutrals. Catholics and Protestants, Republicans and […]

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A Wee Dram of Scotland


Scotland is a small country,” the artist Ian Gray said over drinks at a pub in Edinburgh recently. “Yet wherever I go around the world I find it is incredibly well known for its kilts, its monsters, and its whisky.” For most of us, wearing a kilt would be a fashion faux pas. Nessie is […]

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The Seduction of Cognac


This essay appeared in the November 2005 issue of The American Spectator. To subscribe, please click here. IN YOUTH, ONE BECOMES ACQUAINTED with the pleasures life offers. The rest of one’s days are spent attempting to resist those pleasures — because they are illegal, immoral, or fattening. But cognac offers pleasure there is no need […]

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