Christopher Preble

Bridges Over Troubled Water


Does fiscal conservatism stop at the water’s edge? It’s a question worth pondering because Senator John McCain is a hawk who is also rightly skeptical of too much federal spending. During his successful bid to capture the Republican nomination for president, McCain regularly railed against Alaska’s “bridges to nowhere.” Funding for these bridges had been […]

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You and What Army?


WASHINGTON — Any remaining doubts about whether our current foreign policies are sustainable were demolished by the news that the Army has missed its recruiting goals for the fourth straight month. The Marine Corps has missed its goals for four out of the past five months. The National Guard and Army Reserve have been struggling […]

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Rumsfeld in the Crossfire


Some Americans are surprised to see that Donald Rumsfeld has kept his job in the face of mounting U.S. casualties in Iraq. Some have gone so far as to demand his resignation. The latest critic to publicly call for the defense secretary’s departure is William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard. Given his repeated faulty […]

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