Christopher Goins

Christopher Goins is a copy editor and freelance journalist.

Rand Paul Registers


Presidential hopeful Rand Paul made an end-run around the GOP debate by going straight to viewers on Twitter, Periscope, and Facebook on Thursday night. “The great thing about modern media is if you don’t like what’s on TV, turn the TV off,” Paul said at Twitter headquarters in New York. “Turn on your computer. Get […]

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Science, Properly Understood at Heritage


One of the most profound things about the move to silence critics of scientific orthodoxy or those open to questioning it publicly is how anti-enlightenment the notion is. As John G. West, vice president of the Discovery Institute, pointed out last week in a speech to the Heritage Foundation, thinkers such as atheist John Stuart […]

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Federal Reserve in Deep Panic over ‘Audit the Fed’


The governors of the Federal Reserve are in a panic deeper than the ones they supposedly are protecting us from. This week, a few of the financial wizards at the Fed came out to tell the American public why they are against an audit of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy decisions—and why you should be […]

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