Chris Reed

Chris Reed is an editorial writer for the U-T San Diego newspaper, formerly the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Anger Mismanagement on the Ballot


SAN DIEGO — For four decades, California’s second-largest city has had a habit of electing bland, mostly Republican centrists. Some have been effective. Pete Wilson went on to become a senator and governor. Some have been disasters. Dick Murphy was blasted by Time magazine in 2005 as one of America’s worst mayors shortly before he […]

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Putting Government First


The idea that Democrats care more about the poor and the needy is an enduring American political stereotype — and one of the party’s most potent vote-getting tools. It’s highly questionable whether Democrats’ emphasis on government paternalism and a generous welfare state actually helps the downtrodden more than Republicans’ recipe of economic growth and low […]

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Benedict Arnold


Just over five years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger swept into power in California, vowing to crush the “spending addicts” responsible for the state’s crushing budget deficit and to thwart Sacramento Democrats who saw taxpayers as ATMs. “The people of California have been punished enough. From the time they get up in the morning and flush the […]

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Greens Against Growth


Under normal circumstances, November 2008 might have been remembered as a key moment in the American climate-change policy debate. Two independent evaluations were made public that analyzed California’s groundbreaking, path-setting 2006 law dictating a sharp state increase in the use of cleaner, costlier energy — specifically Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s repeated assertions that not only would […]

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Arnold Agonistes


ANAHEIM — Arnold Schwarzenegger has made some trippy movies, but they can’t compare with the bizarre drama he’s now starring in. Since being elected governor in the October 2003 recall of incompetent and irresponsible Gray Davis, Schwarzenegger has pursued a reform agenda that has even liberal policy wonks like Time‘s Joe Klein cooing. Yet thanks […]

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A Timesman Goes Ballistic


PHILADELPHIA — There’s nothing intrinsically surprising about a veteran war correspondent, in mid-fulmination about Iraq, to say that the United States is deservedly hated by the rest of the world. It’s what one would expect from Robert Fisk or dozens of other European journalists. Or, for that matter, from writers for liberal U.S. magazines such […]

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Beware of Hillarycare


ANAHEIM — For those appalled by the emergence of the California Legislature, circa the year 2000, as the most reliably left-wing legislative body east of Pyongyang, the Schwarzenegger era continues to be a genuine feel-good story. A year after taking office, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has made only so-so progress on the biggest problem facing the […]

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Team Ebert’s Political Police


ANAHEIM — Who knew that movie press junkets were such a threat to one’s mental health? The pained, disingenuous reaction of many of the nation’s leading film critics to last week’s release of the lunatic puppet satire, Team America: World Police, is further confirmation that the junkets appear to have helped spread in viral fashion […]

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